The nature really put a lot of effort into this area: it wedded the sea, fish, birds, olives and stone in a unique holy matrimony of beauty. When the first tourists passed by this place, they stopped in awe, then pitched their tents under old olives and fig trees. Old “pani Antica”, as the Czechs and Slovaks used to call her, kindly welcomed those people who came from faraway lands into her home, even though she had never seen them before. She told them they could pick figs and and warned them not to break branches. “Bless yer heart, folks, just go on, pick ‘em and eat ’em, there’s plenty of ‘em for everyone”, she would say. The next year they returned with gifts (darek) as a sign of gratitude to her. This reciprocal hospitality led the way for the beginning of tourism in our small town. One thing led to another, and there it was, our first tourist camp with a very pleasant ambiance… Seasons passed, and soon family houses appeared on the site of the former camp (us children have continued the tradition of hospitality that our mother Antica began). One of these houses is mine and it goes by the name of Apartments Delfin. That is the story of how a former pastoral and fairy-tale lagoon has turned into the famous tourist attraction and resort it is today, with numerous tourists from all over the world.